AlfaRomeo - 6c DiscoVolante by Alex Imnadze
"EVE- The Vision of the Future Mobility Future is more comfortable, joyful and fun" EVE Vision by Ahmad Moslemifar 
Maserati Hommage by Francesco Gastaldi
"THE TRON CAR QING YI. In August 2013, I was contacted by producers for the Tron ride in Shanghai Disneyland to return to the grid of Tron. It has been an absolute joy. The goal was to create – under creative guidance of GM China, GM North America, and Disney – a vehicle unique enough...

BMW Auriga

EXTERIOR Designer: Philipp Fromme INTERIOR Designers: Florian Howecker                    Daniel Brunsteiner  More informations :) —————————————————————————————- Don’t forget to send us your concept at : genious(@) ⬅ (ONLY) —————————————————————————————-