« To start the Project we asked for us: what is Jaguar? Which are the keywords that describe the brand? We found a lot of words but 1 of them is the most important: PASSION
This word was the link that we found between the Jaguar brand and us Brazilians.
We are a very passionate people and to develop this project we were moved by the passion we have for cars, and that’s what we think the brand sells together with their cars.

Our car is a Vision GT, developed for the game Gran Turismo.
We decide that letting them play with the car, we create a bond with
the young man who in the future could be the brand’s customer. 
Our target would be only gamers but we have 3 more interesting people for us.
So we will produce 54 units for: Rich people that wants something exclusive;
Movie industries; 
Car collectors and passionate of the Jaguar brand.
Our main source of inspiration came from the model D-Type. But as we were doing an extreme, exaggerated model, we also seek inspiration in the XJ13 in some details. We choose the snakes as a inspiration. These animals has a simple shape, a smooth surface but are very aggressive. That is the feeling we would like to pass in our model. Aggressive with a simple shape.
This was the car base for the continuation of the project.
After that we closed the design. A clean surface with a more mechanical and functional body kit that fits on the car body. Rescuing some details that we couldn’t forget the D-Type as the fin, the exterior belt and the shape of the SOAP body. On the side we can see more details proportion . The body kit gives more attitude to the car, this happen because the highlight goes up on the side of the body kit. The clean body that fits into the mechanical part was divided by a gap that causes a negative surface on the car that gets more shades and more athletic.  In the tail lights, we worked on the identity of the current Jaguar’s cars with just one line. And in that view we can follow the same gap running around the whole car.
The initial idea for our wheel was more functional. We thought in chill the wheel with a fan system integrated on the brake. With the evolution we tought that spokes could be functional if they have a twist form to create a turbulence to chill the breake. We are inspired by shells.
The interior of these types of cars generally tend to be more functional and has very little design work. But as we’re drawing a Jaguar we thought the pilot or the gamer, would have the feeling of being in a Jaguar, even on the track or on TV.
We gave the especial attention for the steering wheel to create a unique user experience for those who were riding the car in the game or in the real life.
The car has no ignition , to start the car you will have to buckle up. The click of the belt starts the car and the screen turns on. We will have a welcome screen with a Jaguar logo. And after that we have a question: HOW ALIVE ARE YOU? And after the question, the engine turns on!
The cluster shows the rpm indicator, velocimeter and all eletronic instruments. Everything touch screen. When you go up from 200 km/h the steering wheel starts pulsing red light that simulates a heartbeat, to show that the car is seeing how alive you are.
Our car is composed with a central engine- v10 7liters plus
2 front electric motors and integral traction. »
D-Type Vision GT D-Type Vision GT 1 D-Type Vision GT 2 D-Type Vision GT 3 D-Type Vision GT 4 D-Type Vision GT 5 D-Type Vision GT 6 D-Type Vision GT 7 D-Type Vision GT 8 D-Type Vision GT 9 D-Type Vision GT 10 D-Type Vision GT 11 D-Type Vision GT 12