The year is 2030. Autonomous road cars have taken the European market by storm. Overall commercial productivity has increased by 15% due to more efficient road traffic and traffic related accidents have come to an unprecedented low. The technology’s transition into race culture, however, was not as great a success. Audiences flaunted the idea of computers racing each other as the sport began lacking true heroic figures. Robot races helped creating awareness for road safety and the importance of a solid, worldwide autonomous vehicle legislation, but never stood out from old school racing.This is the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race. Man and machine tied together in a fragile harmony, bound for the pursuit of eternal glory and the achievement of a lifetime.
2023 marked the 100th anniversary of the famous Endurance Race, which saw Nissan NISMO claiming their first victory at the Circuit de la Sarthe with an all electric racer. Before this, parts of the legendary circuit had been upgraded and equipped with induction strips for electric racers in a bid to amplify the show for a mixed hybrid and electric field. These slower speed Charging Lanes – resemblant of a pit lane – allow electric racers to recharge wirelessly while racing. The mechanic is deceptively simple, but the strategic value of it is amazing. Drive fast and sacrifice endurance to retain position. Drive slowly, and the car will recharge significantly more for increased autonomy, but this goes at the cost of precious seconds. The introduction of the technology soon proved a step in the right direction with an exciting race and victory for an all electric car.
Autonomous vehicles have begun their establishment in the minds and hearts of people across the world. Race fans, however, have been denouncing the use of autonomous vehicles and guided piloting in their sport. Early experiments were commercial failures as fans stayed at home and generally didn’t bother to watch any of it on tv. After some struggles, the FIA found strong leadership and vision, allowing for a set of rules and innovations to be introduced in the years following. On top of the to do list: to make the Le Mans Endurance Race the prime example of how to involve the audience with all things racing and how to have transparent racing with understandable rules. The rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) meant great steps could be taken…
TESLA 2030
Tesla’s ecosystem of businesses are widespread across all industries. SpaceX has succesfully dawned the new Space Age as the mission to Mars claimed its first major succes. The first human officially set foot on the Red Planet, rendering the Human Race official Space Colonizers. All Martian vehicles are powered by Tesla battery packs and motors, which the company eagerly embraced in its marketing. Furthermore, three Hyperloop trajectories are up and running across North America. The project’s development costs have been quadruple the amount that was anticipated, but the new transportation mode is bound to become a global success. As we speak, the first European project is under construction. A near finished segment runs past Le Mans, which Tesla exploited in a brilliant marketing stunt where its two LMPE cars were unloaded from Hyperloop. Tesla itself remained the predominant electric car manufacturer over the years. However, the landscape is changing as other car builders are closing in on the electric spectrum. In the philosophy that competition is the driving force for excellence, Tesla has opened its own racing division ‘Tesla Squad’ in a bid to extract the last bit of performance from its battery technology.
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 Jeroen Claus ( Design Director, Design By Frank : http://designbyfrank.com  )
Fabian Breës ( Design Director, DESIGN BY FRANK : www.designbyfrank.com )
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