« In 2030, the course will be harder, yet safer, where high speeds will be possible and supreme manoeuvrability essential. Futuristic composites are the key to achieving strength, speed and safety, by providing greater agility and acceleration. Graphene-impregnated smart rubber conducts electricity, adapting the tread pattern of the tyres to mimic a conventional slick or wet race tyre. A reduction in unsprung weight allows wheel cavities to be re-used as low pressure generators, to increase downforce and improve the cooling of the internal components. Graphene super-capacitive material in atom-thin sheets provides the majority of the electrical power, fuelled by the 4-cylinder super-charged biomass ethanol engine.

Carbon nanotube composite provides carbon fibre strength at 10% of the weight, giving the frame 90% more tensile strength and 100% greater stiffness, with improved thermal and electrical conductivity. Boeing metal foam is the material of choice in the development of ERS shock absorbers, crash boxes and suspension. Using subtle acknowledgements to classic TVR design, the car is aesthetically pleasing, yet embraces a combination of agility and power that makes it 100% fit for purpose. The discreet and refined livery accentuate the brutal, physical features and TVR brand DNA. »